Swedenborg 101

Swedenborg 101 Course

This is a course is for all those who wish to learn more about the religious philosophy which informs our preaching, worship and service at the Swedenborgian Church. You are welcome to join us purely for personal edification. It also doubles as a confirmation course for those who wish to join the church.

We examine eight questions in turn. Each session is a mix of open discussion of the question of the week and a presentation of Swedenborg's views. There are online notes for the first six sessions. Printed materials will be distributed for the last two.

  1. Class 1:Who are We?
  2. Class 2: Who is God?
  3. Class 3: Who is Jesus Christ?
  4. Class 4: How Should We Live Our Lives?
  5. Class 5: What Shall We Be After Death?
  6. Class 6: What is the Bible?
  7. Class 7: Who was Swedenborg?
  8. Class 8: What is the Swedenborgian Church?